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Our Services

Are you a resident of Chandigarh and need a taxi service? You may have heard your friends or family members saying that traveling by Taxi is expensive than flights and railways. It can be true to an extent. However, Taxi gives you and your fellow-travelers utmost comfort, convenience, and value for money until your trip is over. If you have planned a holiday or vacation but the traveling mode is uncertain, we suggest you procure our Taxi Service in Chandigarh. Our company solely aims to take you anywhere from Chandigarh in our fleet and fully-fledged vehicles with utmost comfort. 

Chandigarh Travels has now become a synonym to an affordable and quality traveling experience. You are assured of getting tour packages and taxi services exacting your needs and budget. Our drivers and travel experts stay updated with new routes and tourism practices to serve you on a minimalistic budget with comfort and convenience. Whether you plan a vacation to Manali or Dalhousie, you can procure cost-effective tour packages alongside your preferred vehicle and driver. 

Our Chandigarh Travel Agency is regarded as a leading service provider in the Tourism Industry. Since Chandigarh is a connecting hub of various cities or tourist places, we can effortlessly take you, your family, or your friends on an unforgettable journey. You can take a gander at the services that we render to you at reasonable prices.

Our Services

Traveling is not challenging if everything is pre-planned and taken care of before leaving home. Experienced travelers or explorers prove it on different online platforms. You can take some references from the web available blogs or articles to know the benefits of traveling via Taxi. Once you are well-informed on the benefits, you can procure our Chandigarh Taxi Service range. You are assured of getting your preferred driver, car, and tour package on your set budget. Let’s take a look at our services:

  • Taxi Service Chandigarh
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Shimla
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Manali
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Dharamshala
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Dalhousie
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Amritsar
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Kinnaur
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Leh
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Lahaul Spiti
  • Taxi Service Chandigarh to Ambala

What vehicles can you get in our Taxi Services?

Bygones are the days when people adjust in a small vehicle to travel from one destination to another. If you decide to visit Dharamshala with your friends or family, you would prefer to take Taxi Service in Dharamshala from us. You now have the option to select a vehicle to your needs, budget, and comfort level. We have different sizes and models of cars that will streamline and improve your travelling experience to the fullest. Let’s check out our available vehicles:

  • Etios: If you want to travel on a budget with comfort, Etios will be best suited. However, you must consider the number of people coming with you.
  • DZire: It is a spacious vehicle that can accommodate four people with utmost comfort.
  • Innova: Is your family big? Are you planning a tour with your joint family? Innova will be best to accommodate your family members and their suitcases without any discomfort.
  • Innova Crysta: Do you want to visit Amritsar this year? Try our Taxi Service in Amritsar. The driver will pick you up from your location and take you to Amritsar in a short time.
  • Comfort: The title showcases the purposes altogether. This vehicle is best suited to enjoy traveling with comfort.
  • Business: Take our Taxi to your next outdoor or out-of-city meetings to leave an unforgettable impression on your clients.
  • Premium: Do you want to enjoy luxury while traveling? Select our premium vehicle to get everything luxurious on your journey.
  • Tempo Traveler: If you are going on a trip with more than ten people, you need our tempo traveler to reach the final destination with comfort.

Now enjoy the benefits of procuring our services!

The benefits apply to all our taxi services. Therefore, it does not matter if you select our Taxi Service in Ambala or another; you will always enjoy timely pick up from your location. You also get comfort on long distances traveling, smooth taxi tours, and effortless airport transfers. Overall, you are always complimented with 120 trained drivers, 53 known locations’ information, 118 cabs, and decades of road-route expertise. Call our number right away and book your package before others do!

Booking Taxi Online

Booking Taxi Online